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Current Event :

Ticket price : 0 IDS

Tickets sold : 0

Number of winners :

Participated value : 0 IDS

First winner prize : 0 IDS (0%)

Others winners prize : 5000 IDS (10%)

To be burned : 0 IDS (Z%)

Total Burned: 4.546M IDS ($)

Total IDS Win: 0 IDS ($)

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Rule 1

An address enters the lottery automatically after buying one ticket.
You can buy more than one ticket to raise your chance of winning.

Rule 2

The ticket price will be specified with $IDS at the start of each lottery event.
On this website, you can check how many tickets you have, the ticket price, the number of winners, and the prize of each one.

Rule 3

Winners are randomly chosen by the smart contract, without any external control. Their addresses will be posted on this page, and prizes will be sent to them automatically.

Rule 4

One address can win more than one prize if it has more than one ticket.
For example, if an event has three winners and you bought two tickets, if you win first place, you will have one more chance to win the 2nd or 3rd prize.